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rangasthalam movie review

Rangasthalam Telugu Movie Review

Rangasthalam Review: Complete Village Revenge Drama 

rangasthalam movie review

Cast and Crew:
Movie Name: Rangasthalam
Language: Telugu
Starring: Ram Charan, Samantha Akkineni
Music Director: Devi Sri Prasad
Director:  Sukumar
Producers: Naveen Yerneni, Y. Ravi Shankar, Mohan Cherukuri



Mega Fans and Tollywood industry are also eagerly waiting for rangasthalam movie.The main reason is a combo of  Ram Charan, Samantha, and Sukumar Direction.Let’s see how the movie is.


The story is set in a retrogressive town called Rangasthalam. Chitti Babu(Charan) is an ecstatic youth who experiences passionate feelings for Laksmi(Samantha). This is additionally the time where the whole town is under the hold of a merciless president(Jagapathi Babu) who makes issues for the villagers. Annoyed with this, Chitti Babu’s brother Kumar(Aadi) chooses to conflict with the president and appearances significant issues. Rest of the story is in the matter of how Chitti Babu helps his brother and takes care of the considerable number of issues in the town.


Rangasthalam is Sukumar’s delightful vision becoming known. Every last trace of the film, be it the set work or the arresting dramatization and astounding exhibitions, fall set up superbly. The whole credit ought to go to Sukumar for considering something like this and pulling it off without hardly lifting a finger and flawlessness.

Ram Charan’s profession as another on-screen character is conceived with this motion picture. Credit ought to go to him for tolerating a part with handicap and performing it to the best of his abilities. Charan is so cute as Chitti Babu that you begin to look all starry eyed at him right away. His local slang, get up and the way in which he releases his brutal side is the significant resource and will be associated with quite a while to come.Samantha is an ideal fit for her part. Sukumar grandstands her in an excellent way and Samantha too gives her best for the film. Her scenes with Charan and the way she indicated knottiness and development on her part says a lot about her ability.

Jagapathi Babu is threatening as the fundamental miscreant and conveys a ton of profundity to the film. How might one overlook Aadhi Pinishetty’s great supporting part? The way he has changed himself and gave a settled execution is admirable. Anasuya as Ranagamatha is an unexpected bundle and astounds you with her looks and passionate execution. She has a substantial part and this film will clearly be yet another defining moment in her vocation as a performer.


One of the slight issues of the film is its extensive run time. Despite the fact that it isn’t an issue for Ram Charan fans, the general group of onlookers may discover somewhat troublesome now and again. The thing melody is just about alright and comes as a speed breaker for the film.After a suggestive and engaging first half, post interval scenes begin on a dull note with no captivating minutes. As the whole film is set up in a town scenery it may not run well with a specific segment of the group of onlookers as the procedures have appeared in an exceptionally natural and crude way.

Technical Outlook:

  • Sukumar Direction is Good.
  • Devi Sri Prasad Music is Good.
  • Production Values are Good.

Bottom Line: Complete Village Revenge Drama  

Rating: 3.75/5

NOTE: This is our opinion only, please go and watch the movie in theaters only.

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